Teens with Diabetes Know to Check B4U Driving

Teens learn to adapt to Diabetes and Driving

Here is a small excerpt from a recent article I found that describes what Teens who drive should do before they get behind the wheel.

Testing Blood sugar before driving and keeping emergency calories on hand when driving are two of the important rules detailed in a recent program.  I have included part of the article with a link so you can go read the rest and the video that came with it.

Very useful information for any Diabetic, not just a Teen!

Program helps keep diabetic teen drivers safe

April 15, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — Remember your excitement when you first got your driver’s license? You were warned about driving safely, but for teenagers with diabetes, there is more to be concerned about.

Teens with diabetes should have no problem getting their license. What can be challenging is making sure they manage their conditions.

“My parents were mainly worried about &my diabetes and stuff when I got behind the wheel, and I told them that I just checked before I drove, and I’d be fine. And they said OK, and then they trusted me,” said teen driver Nick Hooten, 17.


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“I always test before I drive, and if I am not feeling good, I always stop the car and pull over,” said Katie Chorley, also 17 years old.

Knowing the significance of driving with diabetes, there is something called the Check B4U Drive program.

La Rabida Children’s Hospital pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Jennifer Miller says driving is a hot topic for her patients.

“Driving is a privilege for any teenager, and driving with diabetes is kind of like everything else, with diabetes when you are first learning about it, it seems very, very high maintenance because there are so many extra things to do. First, safety measures, but realistically, as long as you are taking care of diabetes and doing all of the recommended things, it shouldn’t actually be that big of a deal,” said Dr. Miller.

One thing drivers with diabetes always need to keep in their cars is food.

“I always keep food with me, and I always keep a box of juice in my car and some glucose tablets,” said Hooten.

For more information about the Check B4U Drive program and diabetes go to www.diabetes.org and www.jdnolimits.org/checkb4udrive.

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Following the Rules can keep you safe and protect your fellow motorist.   It helps preserve the privilege of driving for everyone with Diabetes.
Here is the Video with more information.  Enjoy!

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