Protein to Control Your Sugar

Protein Can Help You Control Your Sugar


Protein is very helpful in controlling blood sugar which translates into control of diabetes.  It is also a factor that is important when you are trying to diet and lose weight.

What makes most diets fail is not really planning meals and snacks to include enough protein in each meal to prevent everything being digested in a short period of time.

This leaves you with that empty cave feeling which almost always leads to overeating the next chance you get.

There goes the Diet! 

I found this interesting tidbit at Diabetes Diet and thought you might like to read it.

What is included in a healthy diet?

Healthy dieting must include foods in proportion from all the food groups: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. These food groups include most vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and beverages. Protein in small amounts in each and every meal and snack is required to make this sugar control diet work.

Protein is slower to digest, which keeps your metabolism working and helps prevent feeling hungry and deprived. Acceptable proteins include lean red meat, ideally no more that 3 oz.s. three times per week unbreaded fish, unbreaded chicken, raw nuts, eggs, cottage cheese and unsweetened (plain or flavored) yogurt can be used to satisfy your requirement for protein which should be 10% to 35% of your overall diet. Dried beans, nuts and seeds can be considered protein but are sometimes “incomplete” so must be eaten with other foods so care in portion and calories is advised.  from

Where is the Protein?

Steak…the king of protein  Right?    Well, steak is about 17% protein…not what you thought?  Good old Broccoli has 15% protein in other words a 1 cup serving has 6 grams of protein…A medium baked potato with skin on has 4 grams of protein.

4 ounces of Black Eyed peas has 8 grams of protein.   Add Spinach, Tomatoes and Corn…the list is endless so you can add some of these “high Protein” foods to your list and help yourself control your sugar, lose weight and get rid of some of that extra cholesterol all at the same time.

Another good source of protein may be 20 grams of whey protein that can be added to breakfast drinks.  It seems to slow the sugar spikes and help keep sugar level which is the goal of using protein

I didn’t even mention my favorites:  Peanuts, Almonds, Collards, Turnip Greens (can you tell I’m Southern?) Plus almost anything  raw and green are “free” foods with few calories and lots of fiber which will give you that FULL  feeling and keep you happy Dieting.

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