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Fresh Fruit Healthy Nutrition for Diabetics fruit-176385-m
Fresh Fruit Healthy Nutrition for Diabetics
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Fresh Fruit Healthy Nutrition for Diabetics fruit

Recently, I wanted to prove that a low fat, high fruit raw vegan diet does NOT lead to high blood
sugar. Using a standard blood glucose monitor, I measured my blood glucose level several times
a day for seven days.
The results may shock you.
Over the entire seven days, taking three readings each day, my blood glucose level never went
above the normal range for fasting blood glucose OR postprandial blood glucose. Not even once.
Not even seconds after finishing off a large 800+ calorie fruit meal!
So if a diet so high in sugar doesn’t lead to high blood sugar, what does?
It Isn’t the Fruit
Sugar doesn’t lead to high blood sugar, no matter how much you eat. Because it doesn’t have to be broken down and converted to glucose (everything you eat has to be converted to simple sugar
before it can be absorbed and assimilated by the body), the sugar from fruit is quickly absorbed
into the bloodstream.
Contrary to popular belief, this speedy absorption is actually a good thing. It means that you’ll be
quickly satiated (you won’t overeat) and quickly fueled (great for physical and mental
Once the sugar is in the bloodstream, insulin is sent from your pancreas to your bloodstream. The
insulin then transports the sugar from the blood and into your cells.
In a normal and healthy human body, the sugar from fruit is digested, absorbed, assimilated, and
even eliminated quickly and easily.
It’s the Fat
But in a body that’s overrun with dietary fat, this process is impeded. The excess fat in your blood
forms a thin coating on everything from your blood vessel walls to the insulin itself.
Rather than being speedily transported to your cells, the sugar remains in your bloodstream longer
than it should.
This is what leads to prolonged elevated blood sugar levels, causing blood sugar imbalance
conditions such as hyperglycemia and diabetes mellitus. Without the excess fat in the
bloodstream, the sugar would exit the bloodstream quickly and naturally.
And don’t believe the hype about raw fats being different from cooked fats. Sure, raw foods like
avocado and pecans definitely play a role in a healthy raw vegan diet. But these foods are still
high in fat and consumption should definitely be kept to a minimum.
Want More Proof?
Here are a couple of recent studies that back up the claim that excess fat leads to hyperglycemia,
not sugar.
*Low-Fat Diet Alone Reversed Type 2 Diabetes in Mice*
This study was conducted at Duke University Medical Center in 1999. The researchers took a
group of diabetes-prone mice and reduced their diet from 40% fat to 10% fat.
The results? Total reversal of their diabetes.
And this wasn’t just due to weight loss because…
…their insulin and glucose (blood sugar) levels began to decrease before their weight did,
suggesting that fat reduction acts on insulin and glucose levels independent of weight loss.
What’s even more interesting is that sugar had absolutely no effect on the mice in terms of either
increasing or decreasing their symptoms.
*A Low Fat Vegan Diet Improves Glycemic Control in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes*
This study was conducted at George Washington University School of Medicine in 2006.
The researchers analyzed 99 individuals with type 2 diabetes and split them up into two groups.
One group was instructed to eat a low-fat vegan diet (consisting of about 10% of daily calories
from fat) while the other followed the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association

The results?
After 22 weeks, 43% (21 of 49) of the low-fat vegan group lowered their Diabetes medication while
only 26% (13 of 50) of the ADA group could do the same. The vegan group also lost more weight,
lowered their LDL cholesterol levels, and improved their blood sugar control.
Eat More Fuit, Eat Less Fat
The key to blood glucose control is simple: eat a high carbohydrate, low fat diet.
On a raw vegan diet, this means consuming the majority of your calories from sweet fruit, while at
the same time limiting your consumption of fatty foods like avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, and oils.
Go raw and be fit,
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