Fight Diabetes 2 Control Your Sugar Before You Get Diabetes

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Fight Diabetes 2 before you become Diabetic is the latest advise for young people.  New studies indicate that type 2 Diabetes is much harder to control and fight in young people.

Adults who develop Type 2 Diabetes seem to respond to treatment with more success than Juveniles.

I discussed Metformin   and Insulin (I don’t use any of these medications)  in relation to controlling Type 2 Diabetes with my Care Giver during my recent checkup.   Her response to me is that Metformin and Insulin  whether used individually or together often results in weight gain even with a diet and exercise.  Her patient base is family care so she treats patients in a wide age range.  She did mention (without naming the person) that she had one patient  who eventually gained 30 lbs. while using these medications.

She did mention cell sensitivity to Insulin as an important factor in being able to control your sugar.

From what I am reading today, there are studies recently released that included Juveniles age 10 to 17 where more than 50% of them did not respond to drug therapy.  There seemed to be some individuals who responded to Diet and Exercise alone in a more positive way, but others did not improve in controlling their Type 2 Diabetes.

Juveniles often have a harder time with what is called “compliance”.  In other words, they do not follow diet and exercise guidelines or the instructions included for use of their prescribed medication.

I know that in my own sugar control diet efforts that it is very important to do meal plans that include a schedule for when I eat.  This one factor alone can influence weight control in what I consider the Triangle  in managing my Adult Onset Type 2 Diabetes:  Diet, Exercise and When you eat.

More information about meal planning and meal plans can be found here.  Joella Fights Diabetes.

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